The English section
I have been collecting (and repairing) old VCR's since the beginning of the mid 80-ties. At th emoment, the total amount of recorders is about 300. 
The collection enables me to transfer almost all old videoformats on to DVD, DV or Betacam SP. To ensure the best possible picture quality 
the videosignals pass a professional timebase corrector that responds well to old video signals. 
The video de-noiseing unit makes sure that a certain amount of visible picture noise will be removed. Not to much however or otherwise you will 
notice that the picture has digitally been modified.

Your pictures are also monitored constantly on a waveform monitor to make sure the white and black levels are according to the video standard. 
In most cases adjustment is needed, especially with early video systems like the AKAI VT and Sony Helical Scan AC/CV series.. 

The recorders used for copying are always modified both mechanically and electronically to optimize the transfer for best picture quality and tape run.

Here you'll find an overview of the standards I have collected over the years. Have a look at our storage facility, this is only one part.

If you are not sure your video format is listed please contact me on + 31 6 54986866 (mobile) or by e-mail
We speak German, English and Dutch.

Available video standards/formats: 
Brand Name Type Machine Year Tape Colour/BW
Akai VT series VT110 / VT100 / VT700 1974 1/4 inch bw
Akai VT series VT300 1979 1/2 inch bw
Ampex Hetrodyne Prof. Machine 1970 1 inch bw
Ampex C-Format VPR80 1978 1 inch colour
Bosch/Fernseh BCN/B-format BCN41/51 1990 1 inch colour
DVD DVD Philips / Sony / Pioneer 2003 disc colour
Funia/Technicolor CVC Can be Audiosonic as well 1979 1/4 inch colour
Grundig SVR SVR4000 1979 1/2 inch colour
Grundig VP100 VP100 1970 1/4 inch colour
IVC 611/811 - 1970 1inch colour/bw
JVC MII 820 1982 1/2 inch  colour
JVC ea. (S)VHS Prof. Machine (PAL en NTSC) 1977 1/2 inch colour
Panasonic EIAJ - 1975 1/2 inch bw
Panasonic EIAJ - 1975 1/2 inch colour
Panasonic EIAJ CP506 NV-P560H 1972 1/2 inch colour
Philips Series 87 87 (can be Grundig as well) 1974 1 inch colour
Philips VCR VCR 1500/1501/1512/1100 1971 1/2 inch colour
Philips VCR VCR 1700/1702 1977 1/2 inch colour
Philips LDL LDL 1200 / 1250 1966 1 inch colour/bw
Philips LDL LDL 1000 / 1002 1966 1/2 inch bw
Philips EL EL3400 1964 1 inch bw
Philips EL EL3402 1968 1 inch bw
Philips V2000 Divers (also LP) 1979 1/2 inch colour
Shibaden Shibaden EIAJ 1970 1/2 inch bw
Sony CV CV310 1968 1 inch colour/bw
Sony CV CV 2000 / 2100 ect. 1966 1/2 inch bw
Sony AV AV 3620 ect. 1971 1/2 inch bw
Sony Betamax Several also NTSC/SECAM 1976 1/2 inch colour
Sony U-Matic BVU 1983 3/4 inch colour
Sony U-Matic Low Band 1972 3/4 inch colour
Sony U-Matic SP 1988 3/4 inch colour
Sony DV Digital Video (mini) 1994 5mm colour
Sony 8MM using EVO9800 1984 8mm colour
Sony Hi 8 using EVO9800 1989 8mm colour
Sony Betacam SP UVW-1400 1999 1/2 inch colour
JVC M format "M1" ARC40 1982 1/2 inch colour
D1 D1 format BTS DCR-500 1990 3/4 inch colour
Sony Digital8 TRV 100 1997 8mm colour
This is like a "living" document, if you want to be shure, contact me for the latest update. 

Tapes are usually shipped by mail, some customers prefer to bring them personally.

The advantages of
- knowledge of both tapes and the hardware
- professional correction and monitoring equipment
- picture de-noise equipment available
- professional studio players